Monday, May 30, 2016

PSA: "Carbonite for Mac does not currently support versioning" automatic cloud backup solution is pretty great. It have seen it save the day more than once on both Windows and Mac systems. Unfortunately, I have discovered a flaw with how they backup Macs. There is NO file versioning AT ALL for Macs using Carbonite. None. No 30 day retention period, nothing. This means that if your files ever became corrupt, or accidentally overwritten, Carbonite will automatically backup these corrupt and/or overwritten files and DELETE the older, good, version of your file immediately.

See for yourself:

"Unfortunately, Carbonite for Mac does not currently support versioning, though it may be supported in a future release."
 "Sorry about that, but we do not support that feature on Macs." is what support told me over the phone. In my opinion, file versioning is NOT a feature of a backup solution, it is a requirement. For this reason, I cannot recommend backup for Macs at the moment. There several other cloud backup solutions for Mac that have at least some sort of file versioning or retention period for overwritten data (Crashplan and Mozy come to mind).

I can only hope Carbonite fixes this soon so that I can start recommending their product to Mac users..