Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windows 8 Microsoft Account Home Folder Name - "_000" FIX

tldr: Create a local admin account before creating your online Microsoft user account. Or delete it, then recreate it after creating the local admin account.

There seems into a bug with setting up a fresh/new install of Windows 8 with an online Microsoft account. After setting up a new computer with a Microsoft account, I noticed that the actual user folder name had "_000" added to the end.  This is unsightly and adds unnecessary complexity to the user folder path. I found some ways to change this online that requires editing the registry etc. I never recommend fiddling with the registry, especially with a clean Windows install.

Here's what I did to get around this. I created a local admin account, restarted and logged into that new local account. I then deleted the Microsoft account and created a new account using my Microsoft account. The user folder for this newly created Microsoft account did not have the "_000" at the end. I have tried this method on a few new PCs and haven't run into the folder name issue since.

Note: Please make sure you backup up your data before deleting or making any changes to your account! I recommend online backup solutions like Crashplan or Carbonite but at the very least, make sure you have some sort of local backup first!