Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Photo Samples

I love Android. I use so much Google stuff that living on iOS was not ideal. To get back on Android, I ended up selling my iPhone 6 Plus and picked up a Galaxy S6 Edge! The camera quality on this phone is really great! What I have found so far is that the camera on these two phones are about even overall with focus speed/reliability going to the iPhone 6 Plus and resolution/low light performance going to the S6 Edge (mostly).

Video quality is also great on the Galaxy S6 Edge though I haven't spent much time testing video yet. I was disappointed to find that while shooting 1080p @60fps, many of the features available in lower quality settings are disabled (No HDR or video stabilization for instance). The default setting on my iPhone 6 Plus was always set to 1080p @60fps and the videos it took at these settings looked amazing with stabilization on.

But this quick post is about the photo quality of the S6 Edge. Below are some unedited photos taken with the phone. I used the full auto mode setting for all except for the macro shots. I'll add a few low light photos soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windows 8 Microsoft Account Home Folder Name - "_000" FIX

tldr: Create a local admin account before creating your online Microsoft user account. Or delete it, then recreate it after creating the local admin account.

There seems into a bug with setting up a fresh/new install of Windows 8 with an online Microsoft account. After setting up a new computer with a Microsoft account, I noticed that the actual user folder name had "_000" added to the end.  This is unsightly and adds unnecessary complexity to the user folder path. I found some ways to change this online that requires editing the registry etc. I never recommend fiddling with the registry, especially with a clean Windows install.