Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fix Your Slow Samsung Evo SSD - Performance Restoration Software (currently for Windows only)

If you own a Samsung Evo 840 SSD, it is most likely reading data much slower than it should be. This is due to a bug in the drive's firmware and effects old data already on the drive.

With these Evo SSDs being so popular, Samsung has acknowledged the problem almost immediately and has released a restoration tool that fixes this issue. The tool is only for Windows at the moment but there is a note on the download page stating that a Mac/Linux version is coming at the end of Oct.

You can download the Restoration tool here. Also, on that page you should download and install Samsung Magician. It will give you all the info on your drive including the drive's current firmware version.

NOTE: Make sure you have a current backup of all the data on your Evo SSD before performing any sort of fix or firmware update!

Samsung Magician software will give you all the info you need on you Evo SSD. You can check and update your firmware.

Samsung SSD 840 Evo Performance Restoration software. It took about 15 min to finish on my 65% full 250GB EVO.