Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Bendgate" - Should you be concerned?

I pre ordered an iPhone 6 Plus on T-Mobile on September 13th. It took almost three weeks to actually get the phone. During that time, I was watching all the reviews online. Then there was the whole Bendgate issue. I couldn't believe Apple would overlook such a bad design flaw. After using the iPhone 6 Plus for two weeks I can say for sure that it is indeed overblown or at least I haven't experienced any sort of bending or warping. I have used the phone for about a week without a case then a week so far with Apple's leather case. I do own some fairly skinny jeans and have performed some "extreme sitting" as well as normal walking/running, and placing the phone down (face up and down). I have inadvertently leaned against the phone in my pocket several times. So far, not even a hint of a bend. I'm guessing a lot of iPhone cases were sold during this whole fiasco.

After two weeks of normal usage with and without a case. Surprise! No bending!

Another concern was that the iPhone 6/6 Plus screen could scratch easily. I found several youtube videos that claimed that their iPhone 6 screen had mysterious permanent scratches after seemingly normal use.

So between the supposed delicate screen and bendgate, I seriously considered cancelling my pre order. If it wasn't for some other favorable iPhone 6 torture test videos, I probably would have.

In the end, I'm glad I didn't cancel my order because even though it's only been a couple of weeks, my iPhone 6 Plus doesn't have a scratch or bend on it. I have dropped it once already with the case on it and I certainly haven't babied the phone. I'm just using it like any other phone I've ever owned and it seems to be holding up just fine. So far, from my experience under normal usage, I wouldn't be concerned about bending or scratching.

iPhone screen after 2 weeks with no screen protector. Not a scratch on it. 

Apple leather case has a soft suede finish on the inside. 

Apple leather iPhone 6 Plus case in blue. Perfect fit that doesn't add too much to the thickness of the phone.

Full access to ports and speaker.